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Rattitude - Volume 3, featuring ~TGRH!
Just a Reminder...
Before we jump into this - as with any other animal, it is good to familiarize yourself with their needs before adopting them for the first time. You will want to know what types and sizes of housing they should be provided with (and what kinds of toys will be most beneficial for them), what to and what not to feed them, and the types of treats and other foods that should be supplemented into their diets. While this article will give you an overview of what to expect with a rat, you should do much more research than I can provide here.
One of your first decisions to make is "What will my rat(s) live in?" Of course, there are hundreds of cages on the market today, but this task is relatively simple. You can also opt to make your own, which I will cover in a moment. But before anything else, you should first know how many rats you will be putting together, or how many cages of rats you will want. If you have a
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Rattitude - Vol. 1 featuring *WolvenYoukai!
Rats as Pets??
Before you say: "Eww! Rats!" give me a chance to explain what this is all about. We are focusing on the domestic, or "fancy" rat. The first rats that come to mind in people who are unfamiliar with this wonderful pet are usually Norwegian or brown rats (Rattus norvegicus). For some, the black rat (Rattus rattus) comes to mind...but these are wild rats, and not what you'll find here, I promise! While these may be distant cousins of today's domesticated variety, selective breeding of captive rats has brought out a great distinction between these wild varieties and the pets we keep now.[1]
The average life span of a domestic rat is 2-3 years.[2]

Whose Bright Idea Was This?
The domestication of rats began with a man named Jack Black, who served as a rat-catcher to Queen Victoria in the mid-ninteenth century. When he found a rat with unusual markings or colors, he would
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Rattitude - Vol. 2 featuring ~cycle-of-menace!
So, You've Decided on a Rat
Well, of course you have a number of places to choose from when you decide to adopt. Here, we will cover information on the most common places to find your next furry friend: breeders, rescues, and pet stores (which should only be used as a last resort).
Which one you decide to choose from will vary depending on the type of rat you are searching for, the availability of each in your area, and your own personal adopting preferences. Remember that each one will have its pros and cons, but generally speaking breeders are the best place to adopt any new pet!

Depending on where you live, there are some online listings of breeders available. Some of these include:
Rat Seek (Multiple Countries)
The Ratster (Multiple Countries)'s Rodent Breeders List (Multiple Countries)
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The basics of artistic photography.
When you're just starting out in photography and have made the leap from snapping pictures of pretty things to intentionally creating artistic photographs, it can be difficult to know where to go next.  Sure, there are lots of beautiful photographs out there that catch your eye but when you haven't had the experience (or spent lots of time learning the theory) to know exactly what makes those photographs beautiful it can be hard to progress by trial and error alone.
While there's no quick and easy secret to taking 'good' photographs, and there's a whole world of experimentation and education out there waiting for you to jump into, there are some aspects of artistic photography that you'll want to think about every time you pick up your camera.  The techniques and camera functions detailed in this article can be used by anyone with a camera, whether that camera is a top of the range SLR or a compact digicam.
I hope you find it useful :)
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Buying A Digital Camera
Having worked in the photographic retail business for a while now, there's one thing that really strikes me, most people go into stores without knowing what they really want or need. In this article I aim to give you an idea of what you should be looking for when you purchase a new digital camera.
I have sold the most expensive cameras to rich businessmen who just want o take snapshots, but want the "best" and I've sold compact cameras to people who want "lots of megapixels".
These are two very common scenarios and it often leads to the person not actually getting the camera that is right for them. Let’s start by dispelling these ideas.
Firstly, just because it costs £6,000 does not mean that it is going to be the best camera for the job. The new Canon 1Ds MKIII, for example is the most expensive dSLR on the market, it has 21 Megapixels and a Full Frame CMOS sensor. But because it is a pro camera it needs to be used manually, it cannot just be put on automatic and pointed, it
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